Updates (June 20th, 2018)

Hey guys and gals! I figured I’d start doing a weekly update, probably every wednesday, into what I’m working on each week. Right now, my main concern is Chapter 30 for The Battle Master, but I’ll explain more in a bit. The idea is I will post what is going on for each piece of work and then share a small excerpt at the bottom from one of them. So without further adieu, here is how everything is looking this week.Read More »


Posting my Stories around!

So guys, I’ve decided to start posting my stories basically anywhere that’s willing to see them. I’m going to be putting up Soaring Falcons, Torven’s Journey, and D&D Tales. The Battle Master won’t be posted anywhere since I haven’t started editing yet and wouldn’t want to be pushing a product of that size if it didn’t look good. It’s like my crown jewel, so to speak! Anyways, check out the places I’m going to be posting at below!Read More »

Excerpt: Chapter 24

Here is another excerpt from Tales of the Marked Ones: The Battle Master. I recently changed titles because I felt the title fit the story more as I have more focus on Josh than on Razei in many ways. Hopefully this doesn’t cause too much confusion. The Legend will probably be a later book, the third on in this series. Anyways here is an excerpt of a rather peculiar fight.

Razei takes on Niall in a battle of speed. Meanwhile, Sarah tries to play out the whole thing before it happens. It will be edited most likely, but check it out!

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Prompt by my Dog Friend

A writer I have a ton of respect for recently posted a short prompt. I didn’t give him the picture, but I picked it out for him and so he gave me a shout out. Anyways, its a cute little story about a harpy and a human. Go check it out!

Link for people: https://thewritingkennel.wordpress.com/2018/06/13/sapphire-dreams/

The Trenchcoat

So the second challenge has been posted. Check it out here: Ego: Prompt 2. Anyways, my five fears are all me losing different loved ones. So I figured, that I should write one that way. It’s really different compared to my humorous approach to things so I figured it would be a good thing to do. Hope you enjoy.

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